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Ripping the Patches Off

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Sheesh, Fentanyl patches eh? Will be a lot better than pills right? Less side effects they say? You’ll have less problems?
Try pulling the other one. 
Two days into the patch and I ripped the damn thing off.

I have not fell as ill as I did Sunday morning for a long time. Stomach pains, cramps, swollen joints (mainly ankles), dizziness, hot and cold flushes. flu like symptoms and a few more as well…
They may have got the dosage completely wrong, which could have caused problems, but I don’t care. The idea is for me to be off any narcotic based drugs within 2-3 months and I want to manage the pain some other method. I’ve always been against narcotic based drugs and was unsure about moving to patches.
Now the main reason for the patches was because there were some side effects with the pills due to complications with my gut, but trust me, compared to the side effects I experienced with the patches, they were nothing.
I think I’ll take the lesser of two evils and stick with the pills for the time being and gradually ramp them down.

Narcotic based pills DO NOT reduced pain, they MASK pain, Anyone that tells you differently is either a drug company or a pusher.

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