Welcome to ‘My Own Personal Pain’

Chronic Pain Cycle
Now funnily enough, I’ll have to keep this short, as guess what… yup, I’m in pain.
You are probably wondering is this site just going to be another bunch of articles with some person moaning about this and that.  Well I hope not.
Don’t get me wrong, it will be filled with me moaning about lots of things, in fact, I’ll be moaning about a whole lot of things, but I’m hoping there will be a point to it all.

I originally set up this site back in 2008 and only worked on it for a few months at most. I’ve just updated the software running the site with the intention of starting to post new content once again.
Hopefully, once things settle down, the site can mature into not just a collection of moans and groans, but a good resource of information for other people who share my condition.

So for now, I’ll sign off and get back to sorting out the site’s back end, if my own ‘back end’ allows me to.