Finally: Is this the first real sign of progress?

A successful day. My first real one since finishing the INPUT pain management course.
Everything worked today:

  • Completed a full stretch program.
  • Started ramping back up to baselines on circuits
  • No more withdrawal symptoms from Tuesday drop
  • No stomach complaints (as a result of the drop)
  • Had a full active day*
  • Pacing seemed to work.

So all in all, a success (especially when you base it upon the past few months).

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INPUT + 5 days

Ever since coming back from INPUT, I’ve been in agony with increased pain from my back.  It did get quite hectic in the last few days of the course, and at first I thought that the travelling back from INPUT had caused me to jar my back. (I did have my “holdall-on-wheels with everything but the kitchen sink in it” with me on the way back, but apart from the short steps at the entrance to Waterloo station, I didn’t carry it at all).

I’ve still been doing my stretch exercises daily, but laid off the circuits.  I was already on a ‘set-back plan’ and due to the increase in regular activity since I’ve been home, I didn’t really need the extra exercise.  (I will however be starting them again today, but I’m still on my recovery plan and hoping to hit full circuits by the end of the week).

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