INPUT at St Thomas’ | Week 1 | Day 3

Nightmare of all nightmares.  Let me just say that day 3 and 4 didn’t quite happen.

I’m writing this from home having arrived back from London at 2pm this afternoon.  I ended up spending from 9pm last night (Tuesday 11th November) through to 11am in casualty at St. Thomas’.  When I eventually got back to INPUT I was in no fit state to continue the course and they sent me home for an early weekend break with the hope I would be recovered in time to continue again on the following Monday.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was feeling pretty rough with some sort of stomach bug that I had probably caught from my two sons before arriving at INPUT.  I’d got back to the room after yesterdays course, and had a snooze for an hour after which myself and two of the other guys decided to go out and grab something to eat. (The two guys being “Bernard”* and “Robert”* (the horse whisperer from Alderney.))

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INPUT at St Thomas’ | Week 1 | Day 2

Sleep was most definitely not an option last night.  All in all I think I managed about two hours sleep tops. I was suffering with the stomach bug, and it’s severely affecting the absorption  of the OxyNorm so I was getting withdrawal type symptoms on top of everything else.  But on a more positive note, my back had not reacted to yesterdays activities as much as I had expected.

For day two, we had the following to look forward to:

  • An introduction to circuit training (the last time I had done circuits was back in 1999 during my rugby days with Calne RFC.
  • Talks on Medication and a review of my medication.
  • Making Changes
  • An introduction to “pacing”

We were scheduled for a 5pm finish, but I was feeling so rough I doubted whether I would make it through the whole day. I decided to go for a cooked breakfast over at Toms with two of the other guys and just hoped that I could keep it down (and in !!).  Tom’s is the name of the restaurant attached to St. Thomas’ Hospital and apparently serves the same food as served to the patients.

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INPUT at St Thomas’ | Week 1 | Day 1

Well so far things haven’t gone too well.  The two boys were off school last week with a tummy bug and I’m sure they’ve given it to me as a going away present.  I feel dog rough and I’m sitting on the train heading towards London Waterloo at 7.30 in the morning.

Having made it to INPUT, I met with all the group.  Looks like I have a great bunch of people on my course so that in itself is a relief.  I won’t be using anyone’s real names in my posts but I’m sure a few ‘nick’/’pet’ names will creep in.

The morning consisted of filling out questionnaires and a PT assessment.  My back actually felt quite good today so I kept wondering if they were looking at me thinking “what can be wrong with him?” Having said that, my back didn’t take too kindly to the ‘stand-ups’ and is already beginning to get painful.

We were also given the keys to our rooms.  Seems to be tidy and ‘functional’ and everything you’d want.  Not too sure about the view from the room. My room is overlooking the new hotel being built on what appears to be the worlds busiest roundabout.  Judging by the number of ambulances that went past during the first 10mins I was in the room, the entrance to the A&E department isn’t too far away either.  At least I’m not looking at “Big Ben“, but you can still hear the chimes quite clearly. I suspect that will make it fun trying to get to sleep.

We had our first “relaxation” session today.  Lying on a mat, on the floor, in pain, isn’t the best way to get into a relaxed mode.  We already have called these sessions “story time” and today’s was something to do with a “log cabin on a mountain”. For some daft reason, I couldn’t get an image of Julie Andrews out of my head along with the theme from “The Sound of Music“. All in all, not very relaxing at all.

Spent quite a lot of time in the lounge whilst we were all ‘assessed’ and discussed our medications.  Since I am already quitting the OxyContin/OxyNorm, mine was straight forward.

Am back in my room after the first day and I feel as rough as a badgers bum.  My stomach is going mental and I don’t think any of my meds were being absorbed. So on top of the bug, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms just to complicate things further. 

It’s gone midnight and yes, you can hear “Big Ben” and yes, A&E is very close.  Between 11 and midnight, I just counted 42 emergency vehicles. Somehow I don’t think sleep will be an option tonight.