OxyNorm Reduction Progress

OxyNorm Reduction Update: Week 14

Current Dosage: 80mg

It’s now week 14 of my OxyNorm reduction plan.
That’s over 3months now in trying to come off the OxyNorm and it seems to be
dragging on for ever.  Mind you, you’ll notice the slight “hiccup” in
this latest update of the graph.
(Clicking on the graph opens up a new window
with a larger version)


Just before I started at INPUT back in November I caught a very nasty stomach
bug, probably off my two boys who also went down with something.  It basically
knocked me for 6 and played havoc with my OxyNorm absorption.  For a few
days it was as if I had dropped the whole dosage again.  I was suffering
big time withdrawal
and that in conjunction with the stomach bug was too much and
I went back UP for the first time since I started dropping down.

I felt really bad because despite the pain, despite how many times I’ve thought
about it, not once have I cheated and taken a single extra pill.   It
felt like I was cheating and I was utterly miserable.

For the four week duration of the INPUT Pain
Course, I decided to stay at the same dosage.  What with
the travelling at the start and end of the week, the physiotherapy and
general increase in physical
, and the fact I was laid low with the stomach bug for the first
week, I just felt it would be easier to stay at the same level, rather than
having to deal with the course AND withdrawal symptoms.

It didn’t matter though, with my stomach completely screwed up, I still had
a few days here and there where absorption just stopped dead.

The biggest revelation to come from the course was Peppermint tea, bananas
and prunes.  I now have that for supper every night and touch wood, so
far I’ve not had any ‘issues’ for the past two weeks.  The longest my
stomach has been stable.

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