OxyNorm Reduction Update: Week 17

Current Dosage: 80mg

It’s now week 17 of the OxyNorm reduction plan and as you can see from my current dosage, things haven’t gone to plan at all in the past three weeks. (I should be on 65mg!).
(Clicking on the graph opens up a new window with a larger version)

wk17 OxyNorm Reduction Progress

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INPUT at St Thomas’ | Week 1 | Day 2

Sleep was most definitely not an option last night.  All in all I think I managed about two hours sleep tops. I was suffering with the stomach bug, and it’s severely affecting the absorption  of the OxyNorm so I was getting withdrawal type symptoms on top of everything else.  But on a more positive note, my back had not reacted to yesterdays activities as much as I had expected.

For day two, we had the following to look forward to:

  • An introduction to circuit training (the last time I had done circuits was back in 1999 during my rugby days with Calne RFC.
  • Talks on Medication and a review of my medication.
  • Making Changes
  • An introduction to “pacing”

We were scheduled for a 5pm finish, but I was feeling so rough I doubted whether I would make it through the whole day. I decided to go for a cooked breakfast over at Toms with two of the other guys and just hoped that I could keep it down (and in !!).  Tom’s is the name of the restaurant attached to St. Thomas’ Hospital and apparently serves the same food as served to the patients.

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