INPUT at St Thomas’ | Week 1 | Day 3

Nightmare of all nightmares.  Let me just say that day 3 and 4 didn’t quite happen.

I’m writing this from home having arrived back from London at 2pm this afternoon.  I ended up spending from 9pm last night (Tuesday 11th November) through to 11am in casualty at St. Thomas’.  When I eventually got back to INPUT I was in no fit state to continue the course and they sent me home for an early weekend break with the hope I would be recovered in time to continue again on the following Monday.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was feeling pretty rough with some sort of stomach bug that I had probably caught from my two sons before arriving at INPUT.  I’d got back to the room after yesterdays course, and had a snooze for an hour after which myself and two of the other guys decided to go out and grab something to eat. (The two guys being “Bernard”* and “Robert”* (the horse whisperer from Alderney.))

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